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Sanitizer S 2020  60lt tank

Sanitizer S 2020 is the sanitizer for shopping trolleys in the single column version.

The medium model of the Sanitizer2020 range houses a 60lt tank and can reach over 4000 * sanitizations, with an average duration of 2/3 seconds per sanitization cycle.

The sanitizer for trolleys Sanitizer S 2020 is made of mirror-polished 316 stainless steel and with a UV-resistant technopolymer cover, it can be placed in any environment, indoor or outdoor, elegant and functional with an all-Italian design.

Built following the highest quality standards, it guarantees minimal maintenance and a lot of wear resistance.

With the Sanitizer S 2020 trolley sanitizer it is quick and easy to sanitize shopping trolleys, the customer autonomously sanitizes his trolley with every single use!

sanificatore carrelli della spesa

    Stand-alone solution ready for use


    Sanitization in 3 seconds


    It does not require trained personnel in its use


    Up to 4000 sanitizing cycles

Price list**  € 4.080,00



▪ Single 60 liter tank

▪ Sanitization by nebulization of sanitizing liquid

▪ 2 indicator lights (RED and GREEN) for the sanitation status

▪ Number of sanitation cycles: about 4,000 *

▪ Dimensions: 1.66 x 0.61 x h 1.44 m – 85Kg


▪ Remote assistance for installation


▪ Custom delivery with installation

▪ Spare nozzle kit

▪ Additional trolley

▪ Additional refill tank

At customer’s charge

▪ Electrical preparations (220 volt industrial socket at a maximum of 3 meters away)

▪ Floor fixing

* indicative number of cycles, may vary due to temperature, humidity etc.

** prices are to be intended plus VAT or local TAXES..